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When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, a successful root canal treatment lets you keep the tooth rather than having to pull it out. Keeping your tooth helps to prevent your other teeth from drifting out of line and causing jaw problems. Saving natural teeth helps avoid having to replace it with an artificial tooth. The dentists at Dentalmississauga in Mississauga offer root canal treatment. Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment. Visit our Mississauga offices today.


At Dental Mississauga our dentists specialize in root canal treatment, a dental specialty that addresses any issues with tooth pulp and the tissue surrounding the root of a tooth.

When the nerve endings in the tissue surrounding the teeth become damaged or infected, as will often be noted with pain on the patient's behalf, a root canal is the usual protocol used to repair the tooth.

Symptoms of nerve damage or infection include; severe tooth pain, darkened tooth colour, unusual sensitivity to heat and cold, swelling, tenderness, or recurring lesions on the gums. However, in some cases, even though there are no symptoms, root canal might still be an essential step in maintaining overall oral health. During your regular dental visits, we will ensure you get x-rays done to ensure all is good with your teeth.


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